Busy Summer

Sorry for the lack of updates, it has been an incredibly busy summer. I joined a 5 week online class with NASA, which was both challenging and rewarding, my daughter turned 13 so we planned a big birthday party, and lastly I have been working on my UC application it looks as though I can transfer as early as spring 2020 if I pass my next three classes with B’s or higher, and get accepted. Wish me luck. I’ll post some more development content soon. In the mean time I was able to add a new level to Knight Guy so if you haven’t played lately give it a go.

Zombie Genome Project Now Available

Our latest game, Zombie Genome Project is now available to play in your browser!


Zombie Genome Project is a puzzle game where you are tasked with finding the cure to the zombie infection. You do this by matching required amino acid pairs. Careful you only have a certain amount of turns to make the right combinations. Are you up for it?

Saving to get Knight Guy on IOS

A lot of people have been asking for me to put Knight Guy on IOS, a few of you suggested I start a go fund me to raise the necessary money. Instead I have decided to open up a spread shirt shop with my newly redesigned logo on our first products. For the next 14 days the store is doing a 15%off sales. Please visit and order some shirts if you can, and/or share this link with your friends and family. Thank you all for the support.


New Logo

After much time away, we reinvented the Dragoon Domain logo, and we are hard at work designing games. In the near future we have a puzzle game in the works and we will continue to add content to Knight Guy. In other news we were able to re-link the website posts to twitter, so if you saw this post on twitter please drop us a comment and let us know. Thank you all so much for your continued patients and support.

New App For Knight Guy

If you have already downloaded Knight Guy for your android device, please uninstall it and install our new version, had to create a new app to fix some issues with google play and now you can compete on the same leader board as the pc players!

First Day of the Semester

Today is the first day of the spring semester for me. Unfortunately class schedule selection is never as good as it is in the fall, but I will trudge forward nonetheless.

In case you missed it we released a public alpha for our game, Knight Guy.

You can play it HERE! (Android, US only)

Otherwise you can play a demo in the browser at https://dragoondomain.itch.io/knight-guy

Thanks again for your continued support. I will keep making great games for you guys, don’t forget to donate or pick up a T-Shirt from our store to show your support.

Super Console Dungeon Game

Hey Everyone! Just as I am finishing up my finals, I wanted to pop in and make a post about a small project I made and posted for your enjoyment.

Super Console Dungeon Game is a simple text based dungeon crawler. The goal is to accumulate as much treasure as possible. Sometimes you will face monsters and must resolve a math equation that will become more difficult the further you get into the dungeon, or you can find your self in a trap and returned to the entrance. Careful, being defeated by a monster will cause you to loose some treasure.

It can be downloaded at itch.io here: https://dragoondomain.itch.io/super-console-dungeon-game

Staying Motivated

Alas the last couple of weeks, progress has come grinding down to an unbearable slog. Making a game, or any other worthwhile piece of art is not easy. Besides all the graphics looking the way you want, or the physics not reacting just perfectly, there is all the nitty-gritty code that allows your game to work on different platforms and with third-party services.

How does one stay motivated while facing these daunting tasks? Below I have listed three ways I stay motivated and I hope to share them so that I can help more people like me. I know not all of you are game developers, but I really think these tips can be applied to a lot of mediums.

Do NOT work yourself into exhaustion!

this is the #1 thing I have to remind myself. If I am stuck I can work on a different aspect of the project or take a break. Being a solo artists you manage your social media, promotions, websites and probably a laundry list of other things related to your project. Take a mental break, and tackle a different aspect of your project. You will continue to make progress which will keep you motivated and you will not exhaust yourself over one blocking point.

Keep Positive

It sounds cheesy, but keeping positive is key to staying motivated. Do not lose hope, everyone hits roadblocks and nothing worth doing is easy. Remember the goal, what do you hope to accomplish. My goal is to become independent of my retail job and focus on school, and to build a portfolio in the industry I would one day wish to work. Take everything you want and use that as a force to propel your motivations and in turn your progress on your project.

Make Time for your Project

It’s easy to get busy and let your project sit for long periods of time without any progress. When this happens our ideas and inspiration get lost. You must make time to work on your art, even if it is just for thirty minutes, once a week. Without being involved you distance yourself and your skills will atrophy. Push yourself, the constant contact with your project will show you that progress is possible and keep you pushing forward.


I hope this was helpful to some. Truth be told this is my break away from my project. I will continue work on Knight Guy and we will hopefully see some more progress soon.

Knight Guy PC version

When I first set out on my journey to make an independent game, I had a very narrow vision in mind. My sights were set on mobile, which is still largely the plan. As I move further along, my thoughts on the matter have changed. Now, that I am trying to get Knight Guy in front of potential players I am offering early access to a closed beta for YouTubers and streamers. Most of the best recording software works best with PC, so based on some feedback from Mr.WobblyFootGamer, I have added key mapping to the PC version, and I plan to continue to cater some features towards this new version. Eventually I hope to release a full fledged PC version of Knight Guy along side his mobile older brother. Let me know what platform you’d love to play Knight Guy on, and check out our two YouTube let’s play videos below, the second one is by Cole 4.0, so big shout out to him. Thanks for reading and have a great week.

Getting your Game Promoted

One of the many challenges that independent game developers face is getting their name out there. Big companies and publishers want to use your creativity to rack in some serious cash, all the while leaving you with very little. For most people, artists and otherwise, expose won’t feed their kids, or pay their rent. So how does someone break past this money barrier? There are two things I discovered that I would like to share.

Don’t underestimate the power of networking. When people DM me on twitter I make it a point to get back to them, even if they are trying to sell me their services. The main point of this is your exposure. If a you tuber really wants you to look at his or her videos, you should do it and let them know what you think. (politely of course.) They are going to remember you and want to help you later on.

To share a personal experience about this, I was lucky enough to meet a youtuber who directly asked me if he could play and do a video for my game. So a huge thank you is in order for Mr.WobblyFootGamer, who did a gameplay video for Knight Guy and helped me share Knight Guy with so many of you. In turn I shared the heck out of his video and channel. Now two creative professionals just helped each other get exposure for little more than our time. That’s the key people, as artists, professionals, and people we have to be willing to help each other out. I got the video post for your viewing pleasure.

The second thing I learned is try new avenues for exposure. The established social medias are great, but take a chance on a start-up. On traditional social media like twitter and facebook, your message is lost in the cacophony of tens of millions of users world-wide posting what they are eating today. Don’t be afraid to branch out and stand out.

Recently I came across an industry connection service for indies called Likemindedd. It’s new and I will see how this works but I am excited that people are trying new things and creating new places to discover great indecent treasures. Here is a link to my project on Likemindedd if you want to check it out.


and here is the link if your interested in putting your project up on Likemindedd,


Alright guys and gals, thanks for reading. Happy Friday and I hope you all have a safe and fun weekend. Keep doing what you love, I know I will. 😀