Summer Update

Hello everyone, good to finally be back on and posting. Got a few cool things to share with you. First off the Knight Guy PC version has been updated to include a leader board. Now you can compete with friends and strangers to see who will get the highest score on arcade mode. You can get Knight Guy here: or here:

and as always it is still available on the google play store.

Lastly, I have started working on a summer side project with my daughter. I’m super excited we have a really cool game planned out, and a mostly finished prototype. Unfortunately I will have to save the majority of the details for later.

Catch you guys again sometime soon, it’s back to work for me 😀

More Progress on New Area

Hi everyone! Been busy with some less than fun math homework. I hope everyone was doing cool things than I was. Despite that I was able to make some progress with Knight Guy, specifically the new area I was working on. The third story level stages will include moving platforms and a new enemy.

Getting the player to move with the platform, and not play it’s walk animation was the first hurdle I had to overcome. Then I dealt with some unexpected transform changes due to inheritance. Luckily we got it all figured out and I think the end result will be great. Hope you enjoyed this update and I hope you get to enjoy the game very soon.

Public Alpha Test

Hey Everyone! Hunter Dragoon here and I got lots of exciting news. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, new year and all that fun stuff. For me it also marks the time of my birthday. So now that all the excitement is over I finally have some time to work on our first game, Knight Guy. But you already knew I’d be doing that as soon as I could, didn’t you?

First thing, as the title of this post suggests, we are holding a public alpha test for Knight Guy! Yes, that’s right you can get on and try out the Arcade Mode, Story Mode and Tutorial. Right now, the story mode includes two levels each with four zones and completely unique boss battles. I hope you have some time to download this and give it a try. At the moment our public alpha test for Knight Guy is only available for android. Fear not ios users, I promise to show apple some love too in the near future. Anyhow you can play the game here: Knight Guy Public Alpha Test

Secondly, is we finally saved up enough funds to pay for real web hosting. I have imported most of the content from our old website, and I am putting the finishing touches on our new site. Truthfully this blog post is a sort of test to make sure it is linked up to our social media accounts.

Finally, as we approach the one year mark, (I started making the game in February.) I want to thank my friends and family, and all those I’ve met that have been so supportive of my en devours. I hope that I don’t just bring you all Knight Guy, but continue to make great games with interesting characters that you will love to play for years to come. I am hopeful for the future and glad you could be part of it. Thank you.

Game Making During The Holidays

Some of the struggles I face as an indie dev going into the holidays.

Hey everyone, it’s no surprise that things have been busy lately. For all of us. This is an incredibly tough time of year for me to get work done. Progress has been slow and incremental, but it continues nonetheless. Unfortunately I don’t have some big reveal, I mostly wanted to write an update to let you all know that I am still alive and Knight Guy is still on track.

This is the time of year that the school semester gets a little tougher, and the busy season for my retail day job. The project has become really messy because of third party services, and as cool as leader-boards and achievements are, I think for the sake of the project I might have to slim down what is included with the actual game. Knight Guy is my first game after all, and I want to create something that is truly fun. My goal is to create a world of interesting characters with engaging stories. I am really starting to feel as though some of the extras are holding me back.

What is important to you in a game? Are things like leader-boards and achievements total deal breakers? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Introducing Sir Thomas

I am proud to present the latest character to be added to Knight Guy, Sir Thomas, The Fist of the King!

Sir Thomas was raised as a Monk and trained in martial arts. As a young adult he left his monastery and became a Knight. He taught the other Knight discipline and spirituality. Sir Thomas preferred to use his unarmed combat skills as opposed to the sword and shield of a knight and earned the title “Fist of the King” as a result of pummeling evil doers with his hands.

During the events of Knight Guy, Sir Thomas is transformed into a terrible monster and Knight Guy must fight against him to save him from becoming a monster forever.  Help Knight Guy free Sir Thomas and the other Knights from the evil clutches of the cosmic daemon Wrxlrr, by following my blog or our Facebook page.

More to come soon!

Staying Motivated

Alas the last couple of weeks, progress has come grinding down to an unbearable slog. Making a game, or any other worthwhile piece of art is not easy. Besides all the graphics looking the way you want, or the physics not reacting just perfectly, there is all the nitty-gritty code that allows your game to work on different platforms and with third-party services.

How does one stay motivated while facing these daunting tasks? Below I have listed three ways I stay motivated and I hope to share them so that I can help more people like me. I know not all of you are game developers, but I really think these tips can be applied to a lot of mediums.

Do NOT work yourself into exhaustion!

this is the #1 thing I have to remind myself. If I am stuck I can work on a different aspect of the project or take a break. Being a solo artists you manage your social media, promotions, websites and probably a laundry list of other things related to your project. Take a mental break, and tackle a different aspect of your project. You will continue to make progress which will keep you motivated and you will not exhaust yourself over one blocking point.

Keep Positive

It sounds cheesy, but keeping positive is key to staying motivated. Do not lose hope, everyone hits roadblocks and nothing worth doing is easy. Remember the goal, what do you hope to accomplish. My goal is to become independent of my retail job and focus on school, and to build a portfolio in the industry I would one day wish to work. Take everything you want and use that as a force to propel your motivations and in turn your progress on your project.

Make Time for your Project

It’s easy to get busy and let your project sit for long periods of time without any progress. When this happens our ideas and inspiration get lost. You must make time to work on your art, even if it is just for thirty minutes, once a week. Without being involved you distance yourself and your skills will atrophy. Push yourself, the constant contact with your project will show you that progress is possible and keep you pushing forward.


I hope this was helpful to some. Truth be told this is my break away from my project. I will continue work on Knight Guy and we will hopefully see some more progress soon.

My Games will be more fun than Calculus

Making my way through another week of school, I am starting to come up on my first exams. Namely for Calculus. Luckily the first test is never too bad.

On the game development front, I am managing to make steady progress on Knight Guy. I am currently adding some new levels, and working to fix bugs in existing levels. I hope to start work on the second boss by the end of next week. The above image is a background for the new area.

Let me leave you with a terrible, calculus related dad joke. Hope you all have an awesome week!

“I told a girl she had a nice TAN line, but she didn’t get the Sine… Maybe she’ll give me a Secant chance.”

Development Delay

Hey everybody, I know it’s been a while since an update and I wanted to put something out there. I had a really busy summer, and although I had fun spending time with my family, I have not had the time to dedicate to Knight Guy. In addition to this, as I near a state of maturity in the project I am looking forward at marketing options. Making the trailer is part of it, creating a successful crowdfunding campaign and pushing social media awareness in an effective manner. I am still working diligently on a trailer for Knight Guy, video editing is very new to me, and it is not easy. I am still working at it nonetheless. I was really hoping to have Knight Guy out by now, but now I am going to take a little more time and really focus on creating a better game. I am adding some quality of life features, like a stats scree to track your kills and playtime, and I will be adding a few bonus levels to occupy some time before story mode is finished. I want to thank everyone for their patients, I work full time and it will not be an easy task to create a game on the side but I am in this and Knight Guy is still coming. Thank you all for the support.

Adding Google Play Services

Hi everyone, so last week I was finally able to purchase my google developer license. This is what let’s someone actually publish a game and add all those cool extra features like online leader boards, achievements, and cloud saves. So far I have a working leader board for Knight Guy’s Arcade Mode, and I am working diligently to write the code necessary to track game play stats for achievements. I took a screen shot of the current leader board from the test group… Yes that’s me in last, I guess I’m better at making games, than playing them.



Development Blog

Hi everybody, finally got to compile some of my recent changes into an update video.

I added a combo counter that appears after killing at least three enemies in quick succession. I even added a bar to show players how soon they needed to slay the next evil doer to keep the combo going. Should be a fun way to be competitive and rack up some extra points.

I also added a timer, mostly just to let players know how long they have survived in arcade mode but it too rewards players with extra points for each minute they survive.

Finally, something that I’ve been meaning to get around to is changing those pesky squares on the fire and ice power ups. Now you see fireballs and snowflakes instead of giant colored pixels.

As always thanks for visiting, hope to have a game for you to play soon. You can check out the changes in the video below.