Zombie Genome Project

Hello everyone, we are excited to finally announce a small project that we have been keeping quietly in the background while we continue progress on Knight Guy. But today I wanted to announce an all new game from Dragoon Domain. Zombie Genome Project is an all new matching puzzle game with a twist. Instead of just matching colored bricks, jewels or candies, players work as a geneticist working to splice the right combination of genetic material to uncover a cure for the zombie infection plaguing the human race. The stages continue to get harder as you play, and the game teaches you a small amount about genetics. I hope you look forward to playing our game when it comes out later this year, we have an initial release planned for html5, and an android release soon after. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Summer Update

Hello everyone, good to finally be back on and posting. Got a few cool things to share with you. First off the Knight Guy PC version has been updated to include a leader board. Now you can compete with friends and strangers to see who will get the highest score on arcade mode. You can get Knight Guy here: https://dragoondomain.itch.io/knight-guy or here: https://hunterdragoon.gamejolt.io/knightguy

and as always it is still available on the google play store.

Lastly, I have started working on a summer side project with my daughter. I’m super excited we have a really cool game planned out, and a mostly finished prototype. Unfortunately I will have to save the majority of the details for later.

Catch you guys again sometime soon, it’s back to work for me 😀

More Progress on New Area

Hi everyone! Been busy with some less than fun math homework. I hope everyone was doing cool things than I was. Despite that I was able to make some progress with Knight Guy, specifically the new area I was working on. The third story level stages will include moving platforms and a new enemy.

Getting the player to move with the platform, and not play it’s walk animation was the first hurdle I had to overcome. Then I dealt with some unexpected transform changes due to inheritance. Luckily we got it all figured out and I think the end result will be great. Hope you enjoyed this update and I hope you get to enjoy the game very soon.

Public Alpha Test

Hey Everyone! Hunter Dragoon here and I got lots of exciting news. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, new year and all that fun stuff. For me it also marks the time of my birthday. So now that all the excitement is over I finally have some time to work on our first game, Knight Guy. But you already knew I’d be doing that as soon as I could, didn’t you?

First thing, as the title of this post suggests, we are holding a public alpha test for Knight Guy! Yes, that’s right you can get on and try out the Arcade Mode, Story Mode and Tutorial. Right now, the story mode includes two levels each with four zones and completely unique boss battles. I hope you have some time to download this and give it a try. At the moment our public alpha test for Knight Guy is only available for android. Fear not ios users, I promise to show apple some love too in the near future. Anyhow you can play the game here: Knight Guy Public Alpha Test

Secondly, is we finally saved up enough funds to pay for real web hosting. I have imported most of the content from our old website, and I am putting the finishing touches on our new site. Truthfully this blog post is a sort of test to make sure it is linked up to our social media accounts.

Finally, as we approach the one year mark, (I started making the game in February.) I want to thank my friends and family, and all those I’ve met that have been so supportive of my en devours. I hope that I don’t just bring you all Knight Guy, but continue to make great games with interesting characters that you will love to play for years to come. I am hopeful for the future and glad you could be part of it. Thank you.

Game Making During The Holidays

Some of the struggles I face as an indie dev going into the holidays.

Hey everyone, it’s no surprise that things have been busy lately. For all of us. This is an incredibly tough time of year for me to get work done. Progress has been slow and incremental, but it continues nonetheless. Unfortunately I don’t have some big reveal, I mostly wanted to write an update to let you all know that I am still alive and Knight Guy is still on track.

This is the time of year that the school semester gets a little tougher, and the busy season for my retail day job. The project has become really messy because of third party services, and as cool as leader-boards and achievements are, I think for the sake of the project I might have to slim down what is included with the actual game. Knight Guy is my first game after all, and I want to create something that is truly fun. My goal is to create a world of interesting characters with engaging stories. I am really starting to feel as though some of the extras are holding me back.

What is important to you in a game? Are things like leader-boards and achievements total deal breakers? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.