Adding Some New Testers

A few lucky people have been added to my short list of Knight Guy alpha testers. I am hoping that after a long break, I can detect and eliminate any bugs with the core game play prior to making a trailer or continuing work on the story. Once Arcade mode is at a place that I am happy with it I think I might move forward with a crowd funding campaign. The biggest cost associated with Knight Guy at the moment is time, and the more time I can step away from work, the faster and better I can develop it. Above and beyond that there are additional costs associated with development for ios, so just remember if you donate, or buy a shirt those are the types of things the money goes towards. If you’d like to support the project in other ways, you can always share us on social media, and tell your friends about us. Thank you all, I appreciate the support.

Adding Google Play Services

Hi everyone, so last week I was finally able to purchase my google developer license. This is what let’s someone actually publish a game and add all those cool extra features like online leader boards, achievements, and cloud saves. So far I have a working leader board for Knight Guy’s Arcade Mode, and I am working diligently to write the code necessary to track game play stats for achievements. I took a screen shot of the current leader board from the test group… Yes that’s me in last, I guess I’m better at making games, than playing them.



Development Blog

Hi everybody, finally got to compile some of my recent changes into an update video.

I added a combo counter that appears after killing at least three enemies in quick succession. I even added a bar to show players how soon they needed to slay the next evil doer to keep the combo going. Should be a fun way to be competitive and rack up some extra points.

I also added a timer, mostly just to let players know how long they have survived in arcade mode but it too rewards players with extra points for each minute they survive.

Finally, something that I’ve been meaning to get around to is changing those pesky squares on the fire and ice power ups. Now you see fireballs and snowflakes instead of giant colored pixels.

As always thanks for visiting, hope to have a game for you to play soon. You can check out the changes in the video below.

Website Updates

Hey everyone, it’s been a crazy week for me. One cool thing I noticed is that I was starting to get a lot more web traffic. Thanks to all of you of course. So in light of this new information, I’ve added a new section to the website called Games. Right now this section only displays information on Knight Guy, since that is our only project, but in the future will be a list of all of our games and an easy way for you, our good friends and soon to be friends to discover great games.

Check it out here –> Games

Thanks for helping make Dragoon Domain all that it is, and we hope to give you some exciting updates on Knight Guy early next week. Happy weekend!

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