Knight Guy Store is open!

Hi, everyone! Been busy, making some minor graphical and compatibility changes to Knight Guy. I am proud to finally announce that our web store is open for you to purchase an official Knight Guy T-shirt using pay pal, or your favorite credit/debit card. The profits will go towards getting supplies I need to demo Knight Guy, and licensing I need to submit Knight Guy¬†to various platforms. So if you’d like to show your support and get a really cool T-Shirt in the process, please go to our store page and pick up one in your size! If you can’t afford one, that’s okay too, just show your support by sharing us with your friends on your favorite social media sites. Thank you for your continued support.

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Knight Guy on Slide DB and Mod DB

Hey everyone, happy Monday!

This morning I took the time to upload the info on our upcoming game to Slide DB and Mod DB. I have to get back to homework, but if you have some time, hop on and check out our game page.

Knight Guy

Knight Guy

Thanks a ton, hope to post another update soon!

Site Still Under Construction

Unfortunately we are still working to get the site 100%Thanks for visiting, we will have more content up soon. In the mean time you can check out a few of our social media sites.

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